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  How time flies, the twinkling of an eye, happy winter vacation life is coming to an end, to review the whole winter holiday, I think I had a happy and substantial.

  Just on holiday soon, our whole family to a cleaning, that day early in the morning, we began to division of labor: dad wipe cabinet, mother clean the floor, I clean the Windows.

  Say action is, I get the newspaper first wipe the glass carefully again, and then to the "good helper" "a wipe. I put the two pieces of sponge wet inside, inside one half of the "wipe", the other half on the outside, against the glass, "pa" glue stick to the absorption, I took out half, with lines and then have a sequentially on the move. I rubbed the breath

  Five window, the window of brush very clean, and even let dad look outside, hit up a package.

  To reward my father promised to go fishing with me too, but the premise is I can't make a sound. I repeatedly promise. A few days later, my father took me to the field of a large pond, take out fishing rods, and help me put the earthworm, I chose a place on it, and then quietly waiting for the fish bait. Etc. Along while, no movement, dropped their fishing rod I almost want to go to play, can have a look at the father buckets for fish, and unwilling to him, had to take a fishing rod dry, his eyes staring at the buoy, straight shaking buoy up suddenly, I rubbed my eyes, it was a slight movement, I'm sure the fish bait, just a lift rod, haha, a big fish, I the father proud proud head, father also with surprised eyes looked at me, I'm so happy!

  Have a good beginning, I am confident, no longer want to give up easily. So lucky goddess comes into my head, big fish small fish to eat fish bait, I had a good harvest. At home, mom and dad have to a thumbs-up to me, I admire myself.

  By the way, how have you been in the winter vacation, also like me happy and substantial?


  With the general standard of living improvingand the working week becoming shorter,more andmore people are able to make a holiday trip toplaces of interest. While many like to joinpackage tours fro convenience,I prefer to traveln my own.

  I like travelling on may own not only because it costs much less but because it gives a great degree of independence and freedom. Travelling on my own,I’m my own boss;and can decide when to start on my way,where to linger a little longer and which spot can be skipped over to save energy or time for another spot. I can always adjust my plan. On the contrary,in a package tour you’re deprived of as much freedom as in a military base. At the sound of the whistle,you have to jump up from a sound sleep and,with heavy-lidded eyes,hurry to the gathering place where you are collected and counted to board a coach. At the sight of the little flag waving,you must immediately take yourself away from the scenes you are marveling at and follow the guide whose sole interest is to cover all spots according to him strict schedule,regardless of the weather or your health condition.

  True,you may encounter inconveniences if you travel individually,for instance,getting accommodations for the night and finding a place for meals. But nothing can be compared with the freedom which is vital to a person who takes a holiday trip mainly to escape from constraints of his routine life.


  "What to buy some? I alone wander in the street, walked with his chin. "" mother's day arrived, I this should do the son to send a gift for my mother unit. But cash-strapped, lucky money with only 5 yuan. Or go try their luck in the gift shop, perhaps can buy cheap and fine gifts.

  Got a gift shop, the colours of all kinds of gifts immediately make me dazzled. Buy a card, no, the same old story, the mother does not like; Buy a music box, no, that things are too expensive, also not much meaning; Buy a carnation, no, although good-looking, also has the meaning, but don't open a couple of days thanks... I picked out a long time, doesn't even have a good gift, not the price is too expensive, is poor quality. Alas, forget it, it seems that today is not favorite.

  Alas! Just want to turn, my eye is on the desk on the corner of a small toys: a sophisticated chic cage, a mother of a child two birds. Chicks are opened the mouth, waiting for mother feeding; And the mother bird, is preparing to send food down their kids. Modelling is vivid, lifelike. Touch the cage, it is moved to the birds, a joy of life is full of good "feeding"! Looked at the small bird, I could not help but think of my mother, she carefully nurturing the with the loving mother love me: in life, caring; Learning, the education. I like young son under the sunshine. This chick is not I? The mother bird, how like my mother! Suddenly, my heart very excited. A look at the price tag, hey, just 5 yuan, I am happy to pay the money, carefully holding it, trotted XiangGuBen.

  Back home, I forgot to change the shoes, and ran to the mother side, deep feeling ground say: "mom, today is mother's day, I sent you a gift, thank you for your nurturing. I wish you a happy holiday, forever young!" Then take out gifts to the mother. Her first one leng, and then understood everything. Her excitement, said not a word out of a slightly shaking his arm around me. When I saw her eyes flashing in the glittering and translucent and tears.


  My View on Job-Hopping

  A lot of people like to do one job in their lives. They think people who change their jobs frequently are feckless. They believe that the only way to success is to stick to one job, for constant practice in a professional field helps make an expert.

  But there are many people who argue for changing their jobs, they argue that change means progress. They think if you are not satisfied with your present job, of course you have the right to replace it with a more challenging and better paid one. Each change means further success.

  My view on job-hopping is that it is reasonable to change your job if you have a better opportunity.


  Now we’re facing with a choice。 Whether to rent the school dormitory or not depends on different persons。

  Obviously, the school dormitory is cheaper。 And I think as a university student I can afford it。 But as each coin has two sides, the equipment isn’t very ideal。 If I live in the school dormitory, I cannot occupy the whole toilet。 That must be a terrible problem for a gift。 What’s more? I have to go to bed on time and get up on time next morning。

  On the other hand, renting a flat near school may solve all these problems except for the expense。 It’ll cost me 800 RMB a month, and the price is considerably high for a no salary university student。 But it’s really attractive to live with few people and have my own space。

  As mentioned above, I’ve made up my decision to live near school and rent a flat。 Though the price is high, maybe I can find another girl also finding somewhere to live。 And we can rent it together。 Thus reducing our expenses。



  It is a celebrating day. I got in touch with Michael whom I have been losing contact for one year.

  It is really magic. I was searching online aimlessly yesterday when an idea struck me suddenly: since Ben can find out my secret by keying in my name in the search engines, why can’t I do so, either?

  I intended to find out something about Ben in revenge in the first place, but soon extend my name list to a wider category. It was then that I recalled Michael suddenly.

  We have lost contact since our last correspondence in my senior 3. He mentioned to me in his last letter that he was preparing for going to UK to further his education. I, shamefully, was too busy to reply his mail then. When I was recommended to ZJU and won the final freedom, I thought he had already been in UK so I had no idea where to write him.

  I used to think that we would never meet again. However, when I browsed the entries about him, I found out excitedly that he is still in P.R.C.!!

  Without a moment hesitation, I ran upstairs to my dorm and found out my old address book. Thank goodness, his home no was still there.

  After 3 times calling with no answer replies, I eventually got him on the phone. He was more surprised than I could imagine that when I asked for his hp no he was too nervous to remember it. :P Hehe.

  Life is enjoyable in moments such like this. Old friends meet again surprisingly, on a road of their own ways to their dreams. they look at the face of each other, and recognize the old pal. It is such moment that makes me feel grateful to life: whenever I set off for a new destination, I see I have friends in the same direction, with whom I won’t feel alone any more.


  Traditional Culture Won't Be Lost

  It seems we are living in the conflict between modern and traditional cultures every day. Hearing the blaring of horns the moment you step out of your house, seeing the so called "pop" the moment you open your eyes, you can't help thinking, "Will the traditional culture be gradually lost?"

  Many people believe so. They may put right in front of you all the evidences they can dig out. They may argue that people are rushing to restaurants instead of cooking at home, listening to pop music but not traditional, wearing in a way people couldn't imagine ten years ago. Modern people like the air of freedom, not to be restrained by traditions. They offer this long list, only trying to confirm that this world is full of fashion,competition and temptation and the traditional culture is fading and will be lost at last.

  Though we are now living in a world in which undeclared aggression, war, hypocrisy, chicanery, anarchy are part of our daily life. Though this is a skeptical age, and our faith has weakened, our confidence in some aspects of the traditional culture should and would never be lost.

  Wouldn't you agree that our traditional culture is always credited with modesty, politeness and respectfulness, which have always been treasured for more than five thousand years?Even in this modern world, people still admire those with good manners, those who are polite to others or respectful to old people.

  Wouldn't you agree that our Chinese traditional music is beautiful and artistic and our Chinese tea culture is always an appealing treasure to people around the world?

  So there may just be some changes in our lifestyle or our attitudes towards life, but little change occurs to some fundamental aspects of our traditional culture that people still treasure in heart.

  The traditional culture will never be lost, I believe.


  ronaldo luiz nazario de lima was born on 22 september 1976 in a poor suburb of rio de janeiro. like most of his childhood friends, ronaldo began his soccer career playing barefoot in the streets of his neighborhood. at the age of 14, he joined soccer club and only two years later became the star of cruzeiro belo horizonte scoring a total of 58 goals in 60 matches and earning himself a reputation for his explosive pace and outstanding finishing skills. his goal-scoring record and unusual agility led him to be included in the brazilian world cup winning team the following year. after the world cup, many top european football clubs were trying to sign him. many people, including brazilian football legend pelé, referred to him as the most promis footballer of his generation.

  since his transfer to dutch team psv eindhoven, ronaldo s biography is one of success after success. two copa américa s, a uefa cup, a dutch cup, a spanish league cup, and two awards as best player in the world, all in the space of two years, are some of ronaldo s impressive achievements. on arrival to inter-milan in 1997, ronaldo became the idol of the local fans who refer to him as "il venomous."

  since the 98 world cup he has suffered two serious knee injuries that have severely limited his appearances. just when people began to wonder whether ronaldo would be able to continue with his football career, he proved to the world that he still could play. in the world cup held in korea and japan, the magical striker won the golden shoe award and tied pele s brazilian record for career world cup goals with 12. he helped brazil capture its fifth world cup championship on june 30 with a 2-0 win over germany. it was the third time that ronaldo has ever played in the world cup.

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