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  Be Grateful to Our Parents

  Since we were born, many people help us a lot. We should be grateful to their kindness. But the ones we should show our greatest appreciation are our parents. From the first day we appear in their lives, they give us all their love and care, but never expect anything in return. As long as they are there, we do not feel any difficulties, because they are always in front of our shelter, preventing us from difficulties and danger. In order to make our lives better, learn better, they do everything they can to create the best conditions for us, but ignore their own needs. Therefore, we need to cherish parents’ love and repay their upbringing. We should treat them as they treat us.


  Parents' love, everywhere. My parents are my favorite people, but also the most let I respect people, thank them for me to raise me, for my life and study.

  Since kindergarten, parents began to bid farewell to life easily. Because I have to go to school on time, so they wake me up on time every morning and ready for breakfast, and then send me to school, school, day after day, year by year, three years in a row.

  In elementary school, the parents at the contact schools on the move for me, hope I have a good learning environment.

  Into the school, and on time every day to take me home, rain or shine.

  Parents gave me life and study on a lot of help, when I was ill, they will take care of me; When I read tired, they make my quiet environment, let me have a good rest; When the weather turns cold, they gave me clothes to wear. Is my parents gave me such a good living space.

  Parents help on learning not only give me life, gave me a good education, when I encountered setbacks, when I don't honest, when I haggle over every ounce with others, they education I to be honest, don't lie, learn to easy.

  One such example. A mother's love is sweet, fatherly love is deep.

  I think the loudly say to parents: papa, mama, I love you!


  You heard of "pitiful world parents heart" this famous saying, yes, this quote is a quote about with their parents.

  Next, I will give you say my parents.

  My parents are very painful, I remember a stormy night, bean big rain to smash the window cracked. At that night, I suddenly shook to whole body after wake up the sleeping mother, a mother took out a thermometer, 39 degrees. At this point it out, hurriedly wake up dad, dad went to the kitchen for fever and water, and after I take, then lying in bed, absently fell asleep. When I woke up, opened his eyes and found parents still beside me watching, there is a kind of say a feeling in my heart. I really thank my parents very much.

  Drips of tu, when yongquan, the world's largest kindness, is the parents' support. Is worth we use to cherish life, with a sincere heart to appreciate, with practical action to gratitude.

  Now I finally understand "pitiful world parents heart", the meaning of the words, so the world's most precious, the greatest is the parents' love and care. We must be grateful parents grew up.


  The growth of flowers gratitude the rain, because rain moisten it; Goshawk Thanksgiving sky because the sky to let it fly; Mountain Thanksgiving earth; Because of the earth to make them tall; I am grateful to my teacher, because teachers open the door to my knowledge I roam in the ocean of knowledge. When I was growing up process, thick love accompany me around.

  Primary school spent like a childhood of lightning, including trouble and sorrow, joy and gratitude.

  Thanks to teachers, they teach us to read, write, and teach us the knowledge we teach human principle; Is they let us appreciate the collective life, deal with the classmates. When we learn, is to inculcate in them; When we are naughty waste studies, is that they are tireless persuasion; When we encounter problems, is that they are to our serious; When we are at odds with classmates, but also they are for us to resolve the dispute. We should thank the teachers, there are a pair of couplets: a piece of chalk remain uncorrupted, three feet platform four seasons weather, plus the insides all nine, ten, will teach well drops sweat cheng ze peach li fang world; Ten volumes poetry chapter nine hypotenuse, eight SuoWenSi seven weft geography, along with six arts Pentateuch four three characters as one, two ya infatigable little diligent effort yu ying ze shenzhou.






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