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  I’m looking forward to the coming of my winter holiday. In order to have a good time in the vacation, I have made a plan for it.

  At first, my mother must ask me to do homework. If I don’t follow her words, I wouldn’t have peace in the following days until I finish my homework.

  So the first thing I will do in the winter holiday is to finish my homework. And then I will take full use of my time to go out play with my friends, because I will have to help my mother to prepare for the Spring Festival when it’s in the corner.

  Three days before Spring Festival, I will go to my grandmother’s home for a visit with my parents.

  After the Spring Festival I am going to travel with my family. As for where to go, I don’t have any plan now. Maybe we will go to Harbin to the snow.

  Being the southern local person, I have never seen snow and eager to see it once. After the trip, I think I have to go back to school. This is my plan for the coming winter vacation. What’s yours?







  The winter holiday is coming. I expect it very much, because the Spring Festival is the most important event in the holiday. First, I will relax myself.

  This term I work very hard, so during the holiday, I want to have fun. My families will go back to the hometown. We will get together to celebrate the Spring Festival.

  I like families getting together and organizing various activities. It’s funny and warm. Of course, study can’t be ignored. After the festival, I will spend some time on my study.

  There will be exercises for the holiday. And I will do some reviews for next term. Math is my weakness, so I must work hard to improve it.

  This is my plan for winter holiday.






  The winter holiday is coming. I am very excited. I want to better my holiday plan. Now let me tell you my plan.

  I’m going to read some books and listen to music and relax for a few days first. On the fifth day, I’m going to do my homework.

  Of course, I’m also going to do some housework. Lunar New Year’s Day, I’m going to take a trip with my parents.

  I think it must be very happy. I can hardly wait!

  In the first six days of February, I’m going to visit my relatives. It’s going to be fun! After a few days, I’m going to finish my homework, because I am going back to my school on February 16th.







  Time really fast it is for one year the winter holiday will begin school this morning. Instead of holidays mother is always at the beginning of the holiday is asked me to make a plan for the holiday the purpose is to I can arrange well in the holiday can find all kinds of fun in learning and can learn more knowledge.

  First of all I want a winter vacation homework and assigned by the teacher good learning tasks to complete earnestly more exercise and keep healthy.

  Second I want to practice calligraphy grow up to write a good word to see the TV news understand the society. I want to insist on keeping a diary I used to write diary is to cope with the parents to check have no content I'm going to visit a reference books a day after the winter break he saw and heard during some of the thoughts it all recorded in the journal to see the wisdom of some mother bought me a back good composition learn the somebody else's writing methods improve their writing level. On the Internet more time into studying abroad network composition network look at others is how to write use the method of complement each other to learn more from others less time to play some computer games it will not only affect our study but also is bad for our eyes.

  Again when go out to relatives must be polite respect for elders. When the Chinese New Year to teachers and elders happy New Year.

  Finally I want to strengthen learning at the same time more to help the family to do some thing in one's power.

  Oh this is my winter vacation plan.


  The winter holiday we are looking forward to is drawing near. The past holidays brought me many wonderful memories. In 2008 the snow in Nanjing was quite heavy covering the whole world with a white sheet. Seeing the beautiful view my friends and I went out to play with snow happily. We had a snowball fight made several snowmen and took many beautiful photos. The experience is so fantastic that I can never forget about it.

  This year it has also snowed. Seeing the view of snow I want to take some photos as well. Besides I can chat on-line with my friends. If I had the chance I would also take part in some social activities within my ability. Last but not least I would have to make good preparations for the College Entrance Examinations which to a large degree will determine the future of my life.

  In this winter holiday I hope I can enjoy my holiday time with good relaxations and preparations for the following exams. Finally I hope I can make the best of the remaining time and go to my ideal university.

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