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  Childhood in my grandmother's house, saw the hen sat in the nest to scare her, she did not run, I felt very unusual.

  Go and ask the Father knows, the hen is sitting, I am very surprised. At the same time, there is a strange idea -- the hen can hatch the chicken, I also have hatched chicks! So, I also got some egg on the quilt, and then he climbed into bed lying in bed, put the egg on your ass..

  I thought: I can also be hatched chicks, I am great superman!

  But after several hours did not see a little action, I urgent cry.


  I’d like to tell you something about my childhood. when i was six years old, i was a lovely girl!

  One day, my father saw some fish in the river, so he asked me, “why can fish only live in water?” i thought about it, then i gave him the answer, “because there are some cats on the bank.” my father laughed when he heard that. then he said, “you are smart!” i was happy to hear that.

  Maybe you will say, “it’s a funny answer.” now, i think, it is very interesting. and now i am smart. my parents love me very much. i am so happy to have that childhood.


  Moving old freight car came, those who stop in my home is downstair. A few blue, dirty old freight car is stopping shipshapely, father is directing a worker to move furniture and goods. Our old building is too old, was forced to take away. At that time, I just am controlled 6 years old, at the back of see a few workers put one pile empty cabinet, empty shelf into old freight car, my heart thinks: Really amused, can play hide feline cat ah! I look around all around: Ground of father without a stop is being directed, bead brandish is aspersing the sweat with big beans; Mom has baled the dress that leave terribly defeatedly. Nobody notices me, I am stepping on a piece of small table, climbed the jian hou mian of van, get into an ordinary little cupboard, had closed the door, foolish the ground is laughing. Passed a little while, listen to a worker to say only: "Be installed, go. " the rear cover door of van was shut, I am foolish still foolish is the jian hou mian that the ground crouchs in van what kind of outside the illusion. Passed a little while again, air is heated up again frowzily again, I opened cupboard door, see only all around inky, outside faint the sound that transmits father mother " hello, where is her person? " " how can I know? Be you look at? " ... just began, I still feel especially amused, laugh persistently, but do not have with a bit activity sultrily more and more as airy outside, "Wow wow! " I cried. Later, one moves a thing slow when the worker is opening lid, just me " release " come out, see sky and father mother, I just arrive cheerfully to take candy at the same time again.


  竹节虫Stick insect


  I was at my grandmother's house in the woods, find a stick. And pretend good ah, lying in the bark of the tree does not look really can not see, just as like as two peas! See I don't bombard your command -- the brain


  I pick it up with a stick, placed in a small pit, buried on the soil, showing only a head, and then lit a firecracker, into the soil. I'm clutching his ears to run backward. Ba! Soil splash out, stick insect motionless in the small hole, the small hole is steaming! I buried soil, erected a wooden stick in the side, in front of plug 3 firecrackers, muttered: "Monty, rest in peace!"


  Now in retrospect feel funny, stick insects into my victim.


  I think childhood is the happiest period in life, because there are few troubles and worries at that time. The only thing we worry about is our study. Therefore, it’s a time for fun and enjoyment. In my memory, my childhood was colorful and interesting. I was born in the countryside, and I didn’t have many toys, just like other kids in my hometown. But as a creative group, we could always make a lot of toys by ourselves, which need no money at all. We could get all materials around. Toy-making process is of course very interesting. Sometimes, we might quarrel with other kids because of different ideas, but we would get on well soon. Of course, I was to blame by my parents due to my naughtiness. Sometimes they even banned me out. However, when I remember those things now, I often feel happy rather than sad or angry. I will always cherish my childhood in my mind.


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